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Air Conditioning

If you're ready for a new or updated air conditioning system, our Salt Lake City HVAC experts provide great service and high quality products.

Air Conditioning New Installation

Air Conditioning Installation in Salt Lake City County An outdated air conditioner could be costing you your hard earned money with it’s low efficiency and unexpected breakdowns. If you’re finding that your bill has been higher and your home isn’t cooling down as much as it used to, it’s time to consider a new air… View Article

Air Conditioning Repairs

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair As temperatures rise you will want to turn your thermostat down and cool off. You rely on your air conditioner to keep your family cool on scorching hot summer days. The last thing you need is for your cooling system to quit functioning properly or to fail completely. 6 Common… View Article

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioner Tune-Up It’s that time of the year again when temperatures start getting warmer. Is your air conditioner ready for the warm summer months? At Friendly Plumber Heating & Air, we will tune up your air conditioning unit and provide a thorough inspection. Here are the following AC system services we offer: List of… View Article

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Utah has some of the worst air in the country with it’s high levels of pollution and seasonal inversions. The air quality inside our homes is often overlooked but very important to consider. The air between the walls of your home can be holding more pollution and contaminants than the polluted outside… View Article

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Cooling Your air conditioner is crucial to your business, especially during the warm summer months. Keep your customers and employees happy by maintaining your air conditioning system, making any repairs necessary, or replacing it completely. In order to keep your system running efficiently, it’s crucial to have it serviced by a licensed and insured… View Article

Whole House Humidifiers

Maintaining an ideal humidity inside of your home is more important than you may realize. Especially in dry climates like Utah, the air that you breathe and surround yourself with every day has the potential to cause discomfort. As a general rule, when your relative humidity drops below 30%, you may experience unwanted effects like… View Article

Mini Split Systems

Mini Split Systems Are you looking to lower your energy bill or learn more about energy efficient systems? Salt Lake City’s mini split AC systems from Friendly Plumber Heating and Air allow you to control temperatures in singular rooms. The two main elements to mini split systems are an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser/compressor…. View Article

This company is fantastic! They were efficient, honest, and very courteous. I highly recommend them and will definitely be hiring them again.

- Angela N. Utah

Last time they came, the service man was waiting for ME instead of the other way around. They do a great job of explaining what needs to be done and why and they don't try to sell you stuff you don't need.

- Amy W. Utah

Hands down the best handymen in the business, anywhere. Extremely fair, communicative, punctual, and thorough.

- TJ B. Utah

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