Air Conditioning New Installation

Air Conditioning Installation in Salt Lake City County

An outdated air conditioner could be costing you your hard earned money with it’s low efficiency and unexpected breakdowns. If you’re finding that your bill has been higher and your home isn’t cooling down as much as it used to, it’s time to consider a new air conditioner. If you’re thinking of a new or updated air conditioning system, you’ll appreciate the great service and high quality products that Friendly Plumber Heating & Air has to offer.

Air conditioning systems are an investment that can last for years when the right one is chosen. Because these systems aren’t cheap it’s important to have it installed professionally. At Friendly Plumber Heating & Air, we are licensed and insured in air conditioning installation for Salt Lake City county homes and businesses. Before beginning any work, a written proposal will be given to you to remove any hidden information or costs. Additionally, we do not require payment upfront for Salt Lake City air conditioning installation, we take payment after the work is completed and you are 100% satisfied. We even have multiple excellent financing options to choose from including one for 18 months interest differed!

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Replaced

  1. AC Breakdowns & Repairs
    A well maintained air conditioner typically lasts between 10 and 15 years. If you find your ac unit is in that age range and needing costly repairs, it may be time to consider a new system. If your system is facing extensive repairs and you foresee more issues along the road it would be wise to invest the repair costs towards a new system.
  2. Energy Efficiency
    Your current air conditioner could be costing you a lot of money to operate if it’s old or working improperly. If you’re tired of paying high energy bills now is the time to consider purchasing a new system. Air conditioning systems are now manufactured to be much more energy efficient.
  3. Inconsistent Heating & Cooling
    Are some of the rooms in your home not cooling down even after adjusting the thermostat multiple times? This could be a sign of an aging air conditioner or incorrect size system for your home. Regardless of what the issue is, you want your system to do it’s job and keep your home cool!

Our team is highly trained and has many years of experience in air conditioning installation across Salt Lake City to back it up. Rather than taking our word for the quality of our services, take a look at our reviews and what our customers have said about us on the Better Business Bureau website. Friendly Plumber Heating & Air has designed a service plan just for you, sign up here!

Repairman checking outside air conditioning unit for voltage. Repairman checking outside air conditioning unit for voltage.