Furnace Tune Up Services

Furnace Inspection & Maintenance Services in Salt Lake


It’s that time of the year again when temperatures start getting colder. Is your furnace ready for the winter months? At Friendly Plumber Heating & Air, we will tune up your furnace and provide a thorough 19 point inspection. Here are the following things we do during furnace inspection and maintenance in Salt Lake City:

  1. Check and change filter
  2. Check for gas leaks at gas valve and line
  3. Inspect blower motor and wheel (extensive cleaning requires extra charge)
  4. Check fan motor amp draw
  5. Check inducer motor amp draw
  6. Check blower capacitor reading
  7. Inspect condensate tubes and traps
  8. Inspect burners for dirt or debris
  9. Reading of the H.S. ignitor
  10. Reading of the flame sensor
  11. Inspect all vending and terminations
  12. Inspect pilot and thermocouple if applicable
  13. Vacuum entire unit out including burner box and blower compartment
  14. Check all wiring connections
  15. Record temp differences (entering and leaving)
  16. Check all safety controls
  17. Check and record CO reading at the Flue and the Register
  18. Check thermostat operations
  19. Check gas pressure at gas valve for proper adjustment

There are several reasons why you should have your furnace inspected in Salt lake City.

Maintain Proper Airflow

During the tune up and furnace inspection in Salt Lake City, our heating technicians will check your furnace to ensure that it is receiving the proper airflow. Anytime there is restricted or limited airflow, there is an unnecessary strain on your furnace that can lead to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan.

Keep You & Your Family Safe

Since your furnace burns fuel to produce heat, the combustion process must be precise to maintain efficiency and safety. Even just a small problem can lead to gas leaking into your home or dangerous carbon monoxide levels. Don’t take a chance with the health and safety of you and your family.

Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you can find the paperwork you received with your furnace, check the fine print and see what it says about furnace maintenance. Most furnaces warranties are void if the heater is not regularly maintained.

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