Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

What does a garbage disposal do?

From time to time you have most likely dumped food scraps down your kitchen sink. A garbage disposal grinds those scraps with a flip of a switch. Garbage disposals connect to the sink and the main drainage line. In the middle of the disposal sits a set of rotating blades. The food scraps that are thrown into the garbage disposal are immediately ground up by the blades and are then passed through the waste pipes to the sewage lies.


While garbage disposals are not complicated pieces of equipment, it is important for them to be installed properly. A properly installed garbage disposal is less prone to leaks and cracks. Trust us, the last thing you want is the smell of food and waste water leaking from below your kitchen sink. For profession garbage disposal installation in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, give us a call today and one of our plumbers will take care of the installation.


When we complete a Salt Lake City garbage disposal repair, there are several components that need to be looked over. Most garbage disposals are powered by an electric motor. Impellers are attached to the motor which in turn spins everything in a high velocity. This quickly helps solid foods into a liquid. Even though garbage disposals are powerful, they can only handle so much at one time. Overloading a garbage disposal can burn out a motor or cause damage to the blades. Both of which can be repaired.


One of the most common reasons a garbage disposal needs replaced is because the motor burns out. This happens when a large piece of food is jammed in or around the blades. A common misstep is keeping the disposal on when food refuses to grind. Having the motor constantly run without food or water processing down the drain can result in burning out the motor. In the event this happens, garbage disposal repair in your Salt Lake City home is probably impossible: the whole unit will need to be replaced. In some cases the motor works perfectly but the blades are broken or there is a faulty gasket or connector. Our experienced Salt Lake City area plumbers can replace these items as well. In the event you need a replacement, a friendly plumbing associate will walk you through all of your options.


Garbage disposals do require maintenance. There is nothing worse than a smelly garbage disposal that permeates throughout the house. While minor maintenance can be taken care of on your own there are more advanced cleaning options that require a professional plumber. Whatever you do, make sure you properly maintain your garbage disposal. By properly maintaining your disposal you can prolong its longevity and avoid the need for Salt Lake City garbage disposal repairs.

A few quick tips to maintain it/prolong its longevity

To get rid of bad smells, pour warm water into your garbage disposal as it grinds lemon slices. Never pour hot water in a clogged disposal; doing so can make the clogging even worse.

You can clean your garbage disposal by filling it with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt. Never use bleach or drain cleaner to unclog a garbage disposal. Call us and we’ll take care of all your Salt Lake City garbage disposal repair, installation and maintenance needs!