Sewers and Drains

Salt Lake Sewer Repair & Installation – Drain Cleaning

Trenchless Sewer Repair: This method of repairing a sewer system is when one or two access points are dug into the ground just above the sewer line to fix the structure. Since only small access points are dug into the ground, it avoids the task of having to dig a large trench.

Sewer camera inspection: Provides an inspection of underground sewage lines to determine the condition of inside a pipe in order for our team to effectively clean and repair your Salt Lake residence plumbing. The camera records both the depth and physical location so corrosion and other obstructions can be corrected efficiently.

For Salt Lake City residents, sewer repair, replacement and drain cleaning or unclogging can fix a whole slew of plumbing problems. From clearing out foreign objects to replacing fully-collapsed piping our team can do it all.

  • Foreign Objects: Items such as grease buildup can clog sewer piping which obstructs natural flow.
  • Tree Roots: Strong roots grow into sewer lines which causes massive clogs and cracks destroying sewer systems.
  • Pipe Misalignment: Over time, pipes move, break, and crack due to the shifting and freezing of soil. Settling of the foundation of a home can also cause severe misalignment.
  • Bellied Pipes: Pipes can sink which causes paper and waste to collect within the pipes which causes clogging. This blockage can be the result of poor ground and soil conditions.
  • Fully-Collapsed Pipes: Sewage pipes will corrode and collapse with age. Items that run through the drain can certainly take a significant toll on your pipes. Fully-collapsed pipes significantly restrict flow in the house.

Since these problems occur underground, it can be extremely difficult for non-professionals in the Salt Lake area to unclog or complete standard drain cleaning. They often aren’t discovered until problems work their way into the home. If you are concerned about a possible clog or collapsed pipes, be on the lookout for overgrown patches of grass that are typically not present in your yard. This could be a clear indication you have a leak and might need Salt Lake City sewer repair, drain cleaning, or unclogging.

One of the great things about our Salt Lake City sewer repair and drain cleaning services is that depending on the condition of your pipes, we can complete the repairs within a day. You can have peace of mind knowing our professionals are working on your sewer pipes in a quick and efficient manner.

There are several other benefits to our sewer repair and drain cleaning services in Salt Lake City. Other benefits include:

  • Our services are less intrusive than traditional methods.
  • We help preserve your lawn and landscaping.
  • We save you time and money.
  • These high-quality repairs are permanent.

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