Tooele Furnace Repair & Replacement

Furnaces are designed to keep your home cozy when the weather gets chilly. A poorly functioning furnace means higher bills, safety issues, and unreliable heating. Over time, furnaces simply lose their ability to work and need to be replaced. Our Tooele furnace repair experts often make a house call only to inform the residents that it’s time for a new furnace. Yes, a furnace replacement in your Tooele home isn’t going to be cheap, but it’s important to ensure it’s installed by technicians who can give it the longest life possible.

Furnaces can last anywhere from 13 to 20 years, depending on maintenance, storage conditions, and proper installation. We’ll always complete a thorough examination of your furnace, calculating whether it’s more cost-effective in the long term to make a series of increasingly expensive repairs or to bring in a more energy efficient model. Our team of Tooele furnace repair and replacement technicians may also note potential safety issues. An old gas furnace could potentially crack and release carbon monoxide into your home.

Whether you’re frustrated by higher energy bills or an inconsistently heated home, the team at Friendly Plumber is here to assess the problem and bring you the best solution. Customers never have to pay up-front for our Tooele furnace repair and replacement services, we don’t expect compensation until you are completely satisfied. We also provide furnace installation in Tooele, Bountiful, and other cities across northern Utah.